Accurately Report ESG Performance and Meet Goals with AI


Stop relying on shared spreadsheets to manage critical, investor-grade ESG information. C3 AI ESG unifies fragmented ESG data, identifies priority issues, tracks progress against goals, and automates reporting aligned to key standards.



Time required to gather and manage disparate ESG data


Current and emerging ESG risks and capture opportunities


ESG initiatives to meet goals

AI-Based ESG Management

Pain point
C3 AI ESG Solution

Fragmented ESG data across multiple disparate systems

Unifies ESG data across disparate enterprise systems provides single source of truth

Difficulty tracking priority issues across priority stakeholders

AI-based stakeholder monitoring tracks perception in near real-time to identify material ESG issues and reduce risk

Inability to track progress against enterprise ESG goals

Goal setting and real-time tracking helps achieve ESG targets across the enterprise

Significant time spent responding to one-off data requests

AI-based data ingestion automatically matches ESG metric to available data

Data collection process highly manual and prone to error

Error alerting and robust data lineage ensures high accuracy ESG reporting and reduces compliance risk

Difficulty keeping up with rapidly evolving reporting requirements

Native support for all major ESG reporting standards streamlines reporting across multiple frameworks

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