C3 IoT Customer & Industry Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

“C3 IoT is an essential partner in ENGIE’s digital transformation, enabling ENGIE to support our mission to be at the vanguard of the IoT revolution.”

—Isabelle Kocher

Chief Executive Officer


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“C3 IoT is clearly the most advanced company in this field on planet earth. We wanted a partner that knows it, that has done it, and C3 IoT was the most convincing of all.”

—Yves Le Gelard

CIO and Chief Digital Officer


“Working with C3 IoT, Trūata is able to provide the industry’s most advanced technology to safeguard how data is stored, protected, and used – while still enabling companies to leverage data to innovate and deliver the services their customers demand.”

—Felix Marx



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“With C3 IoT, we embarked on a platform journey – a widespread adoption of the platform-based model for machine learning and artificial intelligence.”

—Fabio Veronese

Head of IT Operations & Distribution Development


“C3 IoT has an exciting vision, proven technology, and demonstrated customer success across industries, making them a great partner for implementing 3M’s digital transformation initiatives.”

—H.C. Shin

Vice Chair and Executive Vice President


“Our partnership with C3 IoT is an important step in NYPA’s journey to become the nation’s first end-to-end digital utility.”

—Gil Quiniones

President and CEO


“The partnership between Microsoft and C3 IoT is significant in that it allows us to optimize our existing investments in data infrastructure while accelerating time to value of AI-based applications that enable Shell to better serve our customers with even more agility and efficiency.”

—Erik Betz

Vice President, Architecture, Platforms, and Data


“No doubt you have heard a lot of the industry talk about the need for utilities of the future to be more customer-centric. Together, Eversource and C3 IoT are actually making that happen – here and now.”

—Tilak Subrahmanian

Vice President, Energy Efficiency


“What we had out of C3 IoT was product, eagerness, the ability to deliver. The Ability to understand our data—that was a winner. It's a small company that acts in a big way.”

—Stephanie Bailey

Sr. Director, Business Delivery

Con Edison

Partner Testimonials

“C3 IoT plays an important role at the forefront of enabling some of the world’s largest enterprises, across all verticals, to realize the immediate business benefits of elastic cloud computing in ways that were unimaginable even a few years ago.”

—Mike Clayville

Vice President Worldwide Commercial Sales

Amazon Web Services, Inc.

“C3 IoT’s proven technology and strong customer relationships make them an ideal partner in helping drive forward AI-based solutions built on the intelligent cloud.”

—Judson Althoff

Executive Vice President, Worldwide Commercial Business


“We’re excited to bring the intelligence of Google Cloud to IoT through our work with partners like C3 IoT. Bringing advanced AI and machine learning capabilities to IoT can unlock powerful insights for customers. C3 IoT’s expertise in industries like manufacturing, retail, financial services and more will be a tremendous asset to help customers do just that.”

—Nan Boden

Head of Global Technology Partnerships

Google Cloud

“Intel and C3 IoT are pushing the frontiers of AI-driven solutions to empower private and public sector organizations to uncover valuable and actionable insights.”

—Naveen Rao

Corporate VP and GM, Artificial Intelligence Products Group


“Companies need help deriving business benefits from IoT due in large part to the complexities associated with managing dynamic data and monitoring devices at massive scale. Unlocking insights from this vast amount of data, in real time, requires a new technology architecture and high-level expertise to develop applications that can manage and analyze the data and, most importantly, make accurate predictions to enable decisive action. The collaboration between AWS and C3 IoT addresses these challenges.”

—Marco Argenti

Vice President, Mobile and IoT

Amazon Web Services, Inc.

“Our cooperation ensures that the next generation of enterprise software is secure, reliable, and leverages the full potential of AI and IoT while at the same time providing a bridge from the legacy world to the next-gen world.”

—Matt Mills



“C3 IoT is distinguished from the myriad of market offerings that address a small subset of the solution requirement by addressing the full problem with a comprehensive, cohesive, end-to-end platform.”

—K.R. Sridhar


Bloom Energy

Media & Analysts Testimonials

“We are pleased to welcome C3 IoT as the highest ranked newcomer to the Cloud 100 community, while also recognizing C3 IoT’s powerful combination of vision and execution under the leadership of tech industry icon Tom Siebel.”

—Alex Konrad


“C3 IoT is clearly one of the most significant companies leading the cloud technology revolution.”

—Byron Deeter


Bessemer Venture Partners

“C3 IoT successfully addresses a number of challenges that have plagued enterprises in the past with respect to traditional approaches to Machine Learning.”

—Holger Mueller

Vice President and Principal Analyst

Constellation Research

Investor Testimonials

“Our additional investment in C3 IoT reflects our ongoing confidence in the company’s unmatched capabilities, best-in-class management team, and significant growth potential. C3 IoT is transforming industries, creating competitive advantages for its customers, and generating significant, measurable social impact in important areas such as healthcare and energy.”

—Nehal Raj



“C3 IoT is well positioned to become a leader in the large and rapidly growing enterprise AI, big data software market, and we look forward to being part of this success story.”

—Jim Breyer

Founder and CEO

Breyer Capital

“C3 IoT’s technology can enable a large and complex organization to harness the power of elastic cloud computing, big data, analytics and machine learning to extract insights from data and bring significant value to an enterprise. Their platform—initially deployed to the utility/energy sector—now is positioned to provide the same robust capabilities to a variety of industries going forward.”

—Ron Kim

Private Equity IT Expert/Senior Advisor

Former Utility Industry CIO

“With the exception of C3 IoT, I am unaware of any cloud-based IoT enterprise application development platform available in the market with proven scalability supporting tens of millions of devices.”

—Rick Sherlund

Chairman, Software Investment


“It is clear that the power and capability of the C3 IoT platform is immediately applicable to address the requirements of even the largest scale cyber physical systems in commercial and government applications. C3 IoT is a technological tour de force.”

—S. Shankar Sastry

Dean, College of Engineering

University of California, Berkeley

“C3 Energy was ahead of its time in recognizing the inevitable convergence of IoT with energy markets. The C3 IoT Platform appears well positioned to have a similar impact upon government, intelligence, and commercial markets.”

—Hon. Spencer Abraham

Former U.S. Secretary of Energy