Leveraging the C3 IoT Platform to Build Custom AI Applications
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Leveraging the C3 IoT Platform to Build Custom AI Applications

C3 IoT Case Study - 3M

Project Challenge

3M is implementing the C3 IoT Platform to build custom AI applications for a broad range of digital transformation use cases.

3M will use the C3 IoT Platform as its Digital Connected Products platform to develop and deploy AI-based applications – starting with predictive healthcare and supply chain analytics and expanding to additional lines of business globally – to enable 3M to better serve customers with greater agility and efficiency.



Annual Projected Savings


Reduction in HIS Customer Onboarding Time


Lower Operating Costs


Reduction in Lead Time

HIS Data Exchange Project Highlights

3M Health Information Services Client Data Exchange to deliver services and products faster, enhance customer onboarding, and optimize 3M resources.

6 Month

Project Completion for HIS client data exchange


Business Segment Revenue


Healthcare Organizations 
in 20 countries are integrated into the application


Reduced time in data processing time

Supply Chain Project Highlights

Supply Chain “Digital Twin” for inventory optimization to improve order fulfillment, service levels, and customer satisfaction.

3-4 Point

Service Improvement Rating Increase




Supply Chain Locations



Digital transformation at scale

After an evaluation process of more than 350 platforms, 3M selected the C3 IoT Platform for its maturity, scalability, and extensibility as well as the unique flexibility of the C3 Type System, the model-driven architecture at the core of the C3 IoT Platform.

3M deployed the C3 IoT Platform in its Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure accounts and initially implemented the C3 IoT solution for predictive healthcare and supply chain analytics applications. 3M will scale the C3 IoT Platform and applications across its enterprise to transform how the company designs and delivers products and improve customer service.

The first deployed application, for speeding delivery of health information services and products, was implemented in six months. The application normalizes payer or provider data and formats to reduce data processing time to onboard a new healthcare organization and improves customer onboarding in 20 countries.

The second application is for dynamic supply chain inventory optimization over the 55,000 products 3M tracks across its global supply chain. The application, which was rolled out in six months, reduces lead time and operating costs while providing near real-time view of inventory to improve order fulfillment and service levels.

To train 3M data scientists, developers, and business analysts to become expert implementers of the C3 IoT Platform and applications, C3 IoT and 3M set up a Center of Excellence, ensuring fast time to value. Additional applications include AI predictive maintenance, pricing optimization, fraud detection, and CRM.

Solution Architecture

Origin Platform Architecture

Project Timeline

3M Project Timeline

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