• Employee Testimonial
  • Sales Engineering: Calvin Interview

Calvin Jepson:

My name is Calvin Jepson. I'm a Sales Engineer. I've been here for three years, and really what I'm doing is trying to realize potential for the businesses that we work with while using our platform and our applications.

It's a really cool space to be working in because there's so much opportunity across the board in different industries, and I get to help companies realize the value of their data.

Usually I start by engaging with the customer who's interested and they have a lot of data. They don't know what to do with it. There's this whole revolution going on with IoT. And so, they're looking at different vendors like C3 to try and figure out how to get value out of their information.

And so, I come to them with this solution of load your data into our platform, build applications on top of it, and unlock the potential of your data. It's really fun because the types of businesses that walk through our door and use our platform are just across the board.

I've had the opportunity to work on the distribution created for the electric and gas utilities, have had opportunities to engage with customers on logistics applications, fleet management applications. You can really pick and choose the opportunities you want to work on because there are so many of them. Whatever your interests may be in the IoT space, you can drill down into one of those opportunities.

I would say one of the most gratifying things about working for C3 IoT is that we're at the forefront of new industries and new business processes, and we're really trying to make the world run in a more efficient manner. With the growing population and all the other macro problems that there are in the world, I think we are suited to really help solve some of this.