Optimize Securities Financing with AI

C3 AI Securities Lending Optimization

Manage demand uncertainty, reduce cost of securities lending, and increase lending volume.

Demonstrated Benefits


Increase in profitable “hard-to-borrow” requests approved


Increase in annual revenue driven by more transactions


Reduction in manual reviews required

Reduce uncertainty in securities supply and demand

C3 AI Securities Lending Optimization Solution

Demand uncertainty

Leverage AI to estimate daily client demand, strategically show availability, and maximize utilization of hard-to-borrow inventory

Supply instability

Predict lender loan duration for each security to reduce risk of unanticipated recalls

Suboptimal pricing

Optimize bid/offer pricing with personalized estimates of counterparty price elasticity

Cost instability

Use machine learning to identify re-rate risks and minimize cost of supply

Disparate data

Analyze data from a unified view of inquiries, availability, settlements, rates, market trades, corporate actions, earnings, and more