Maximize Customer Lifetime Value with AI-Based Churn Management

C3 AI Customer Churn Management

C3 AI Customer Churn Management detects early warning signals of abnormal customer behavior and guides customer success, account management, and sales teams in preventing customer churn.

Demonstrated Benefits


Client attrition predicted and identified for intervention

1 Billion

Transactions screened annually by AI models to detect churn risk

Up to 90 Days

Advance warning about customers at high risk of churning

Extend Customer Lifetime with Enterprise AI

Key Issue
C3 AI Customer Churn Management Solution

Difficult to detect signs of churn risk within the sea of vast client data

AI-based early warning signals identify abnormal client behavior and potential churn risk

Difficult to closely monitor activity for each client and prevent attrition

Timely AI recommendations alert customer success teams to address emerging churn risks

“One-size-fits-all” approach leads to sub-optimal promotions and eroding margins

Offer and price sensitivity predictions enable targeted product and pricing decisions

Lack of contextualized recommendations for high risk clients

Explainable AI and advanced interpretability support optimal customer offers

Incomplete view of client relationship due to siloed data systems

Maximize Uptime Icon Solid

360-degree customer view unifies customer relationship and activity data in a single user interface