Visual Studio Code

C3 AI’s extension for the popular Visual Studio Code source-code editor allows application developers, data scientists, and data engineers to kick off development on day 1 via a familiar development experience.

Develop applications in a familiar IDE setting​

  • Leverage C3 AI specific IntelliSense, using autocomplete and recommended suggestion to quickly make changes to the code
  • ​Easily read through application code that has been highlighted across specific C3 AI keywords and model references
  • Instantly check for errors related to data model construction and function implementation with each file save

Explore and navigate across multiple applications

  • Hover over any keyword, data model element, or function to receive in-context documentation
  • Click into references and implementation files with the code to traverse across an application and its dependencies

Manage, write, and execute tests as you develop them

  • Generate test files specific to data model elements and APIs
  • Individually run test files or group multiple tests together and run them in sequence or in parallel