Data Operations

Time Series Data Management

The C3 AI Platform enables persistence, processing, and representation of data objects as time series, including the ability to normalize or calendarize data (e.g., time-align data or retrieve time series at different time intervals). Data scientists and developers can identify and flag gaps in data and manage data that are received out of sequence.​

  • Automatically convert, clean, align, and store time series data​
  • Align data across time zones with automated interval detection​
  • Apply AI techniques to identify and reject bad data​
  • Define and set deduplication and overlap-handling​
  • Convert and unify units of measurement​
  • Seamlessly configure and manage time series data across hot and cold storage to reduce costs​
  • Tune your environment and let the C3 AI Platform manage the details​
  • Automatically migrate data to maintain expected costs

Enterprise Catalog

The C3 AI Platform provides an enterprise catalog to enable developers, data scientists, and data engineers to access all relevant metadata on data objects, features, and machine learning models across the C3 AI Applications.​

  • Capture technical and business metadata about data and machine learning models via a flexible and powerful cataloging system​
  • Discover and trace lineage from source systems to machine learning models for an end-to-end view of your data​
  • Easily maintain where the data come from, who owns it, and who uses it for data analysis and extended collaboration​
  • Accelerate data discovery by applying custom tags to the metadata​

Data Preparation

  • Enable users to filter, join, transform, and wrangle datasets using dozens of prebuilt nodes
  • Pivot, aggregate and group, split, and leverage the power of thousands of Spark SQL functions to build pipelines for cleaning and preparing data for model training and insights generation